Album Release Day for Filthy Friends!

Peter and Filthy Friends send these warm wishes to the world: “Happy album release day everybody!” Full details on the album here:  

Peter Checks In With News On New Filthy Friends LP & Tour

Hey, this is Peter. I just got home from seeing Matthew Sweet and Tommy Keene, and thought I’d catch y’all up on current affairs. This Friday the 25th, my new band Filthy Friends releases it’s first l.p. titled Invitation. The group is comprised of me, Corin Tucker from Sleater-Kinney, Scott McCaughey, Kurt Bloch, and Bill … Continued

Video: Michael Reads from On Tyranny

In this video clip from Artists Space, Michael reads from Timothy D. Snyder’s book On Tyranny: Twenty Lesson From the Twentieth Century:  

Filthy Friends Interview

Peter’s new band, Filthy Friends, with Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney fame, has an album coming out on August 25th.  The pair did an interview recently with the Willamette Week which you can read Here     

Glenn Campbell Tribute: “Wichita Lineman”

R.E.M.’s take on Jimmy Webb’s classic “existential country song” “Wichita Lineman” (1994) made famous by Glenn Campbell who recorded the song in 1968. This post is a tribute to Campbell who passed away Tuesday at the age of 81.

New Fischerspooner Song Produced by Michael is Out on iTunes

In a post on his Instagram page (@michaelstipe) tonight, MIchael announced that the new single by Fischerspooner, which he produced, is out and available on iTunes: “HAVE FUN TONIGHT the new song by Fischerspooner is out now on iTunes ! Produced and cowritten by me…” This is the first single off the new album Sir … Continued

Find Of The Week: R.E.M. At Stitchcraft, Inc. 1983

Hidden Gem Uncovered! Here’s a photo from September 30, 1983, taken by our old friend and early R.E.M. photographer Laura Levine which she says she never saw until earlier this week: “I found it on one of my contact sheets of R.E.M. rehearsing at Stitchcraft, Inc, a former sewing factory in Athens, where they played … Continued

Video Message from Michael: “Stand Firm and Proud”

“This latest stunt is a political smoke screen, and it saddens me that our friends and patriots in the transgender community are in the sightlines of this reckless decision. Continue to stand firm and proud. We stand beside you and we will not abandon you.” –Michael Stipe #transgender #lgbtq #transgendermiltaryban

Peter Introduces the Newest Eyelids Video

Hey everybody, here’s the new video from the Eyelids! As y’all might remember, I co produced their record. In spite of that, it’s a pretty great album. As you might also remember, I starred in their previous video. An Oscar quality thespian performance such as mine comes along once in a generation. That said, this … Continued