Automatic Unboxing Video

With the official release date for the 25th Anniversary Reissue of Automatic For The People just less than a month away (November 10), here’s the Unboxing Video for the Deluxe Edition! #Automatic25 Pre-order:  

Day 2 of NY Press

Day 2 of New York Press: coming soon CBS Saturday Morning with Anthony Mason. Less than a month until #Automatic25 is out for real.  

Mike & Michael In NYC for #Automatic25 Press

The first part of the New York City press tour has wrapped— The Big Interview with Dan Rather, coming soon to television and the web. Stay tuned—a good time was had by all. And #Automatic25 is released a month from today. Bertis  

“Devil Rides Backwards” Demo

Listen to “Devil Rides Backwards,” Automatic’s “Great Lost Track” – available to stream or as an instant grat. single with the #Automatic25 album preorder. “…the album’s great lost track – talked about by fans the world over down the years, but never previously heard – is The Devil Rides Backwards On A Horse Called Maybe. Although unfinished, … Continued

Automatic For The People Turns 25

Well, Automatic For The People was released 25 years ago today— the band at one of their many creative peaks. No tour that year but a really great record full of songs that mattered then and still matter now. And the fun of the #Automatic25 reissue has been going back into the archives, tapes and photographs, and … Continued

Peter & Corin Tucker Pair Up on PItchfork’s Over/Under

Watch Peter and Corin talk about toothpaste, Cheez Whiz, and Justin Bieber… Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker and R.E.M.'s Peter Buck have very different opinions on toothpaste and Cheez Whiz Posted by Pitchfork on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Peter Joins Coldplay to Pay Tribute to Tom Petty

Following the death of rock icon Tom Petty last night, Coldplay invited former REM guitarist Peter Buck on stage to perform a cover of ‘Free Fallin’ in tribute. Check it out below.  

Peter Remembers Blues Legend Cedell Davis

I’m sorry to note the passing of Cedell Davis, legendary blues man. I had the honor of making a record with him and touring with him in 2001. He was the real thing, a part of a lineage that stretches back to Robert Johnson. The month long tour we did was an experience that I will never forget.

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus to Tour South

Michael wants everyone to know that the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus is changing the world through music! They will be touring 5 states in the south this fall. For tickets and more information visit #lavenderpentour #sfgmc #gaymenschorus

Paul Smith Automatic Scarf

Winter is coming and so is this Automatic scarf by Paul Smith. From the Paul Smith & R.E.M. Collection Celebrating 25 years of Automatic For The People. Out Nov. 10th! #Automatic25

Flashback to Vote For Change Tour

Looking back at the Vote For Change Tour which got underway in early October 2004. On Oct. 2, the tour swung through Cleveland at Gund Arena, featuring Bright Eyes, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band (w/ John Fogerty). Here’s Bruce Springsteen with Peter & Mike performing “Born To Run.”