Tim Kelly’s Latest Look at R U Talking R.E.M. RE: Me?

Athenian Tim Kelly’s latest column about a podcast that’s about a band’s career in this week’s Flagpole; here he looks at Scott Aukerman and Adam Scott’s “deep dive” into Lifes Rich Pageant and Document. Have a READ

Michael’s Moogfest Recap

I was at MoogFest in Durham, NC, premiering and talking about video piece, portrait of French dancer Thibault Lac, titled ‘Thibault Dance’ and also talking about my new book, ‘Volume 1’, published by Damiani

Mike’s Interview with Kyle Meredith of COS

Mike discusses his work in the classical world, Scott Aukerman’s REM podcast, and how it’s a shame there isn’t a new R.E.M. record with COS’s Kyle Meredith: https://bit.ly/2rCGBcr

Peter Buck: Studio Postcard from Arthur Buck Rehearsals

Hey ya’ll. I just spent the last few days rehearsing with Scott, Joe, Linda and Greg, the members of Arthur Buck. The new record will be out in June, and Joe and I have written some new songs for the tour, which will happen in September and beyond. This is us recording in my living … Continued

Heavy Meta Babies

Heavy Meta Babies: This is my introduction to Athens GA’s Tim Kelly, an outstanding former entertainment law student of mine at UGA Law, young local attorney and owner of the family business game cafe The Rook & Pawn as he writes a review/user’s guide to Scott and Scott’s podcast R.U. talking about R.E.M.— it’s worth checking out … Continued

New Arthur Buck Track Exclusive: “Are You Electrified”

Peter’s new duo with Joseph Arthur, Arthur Buck, premiered a new song at Rollingstone.com earlier today. The pair’s album comes out on June 15 via New West Records.  Read all about it and Watch the new video for “Are You Electrified.”

Great Night in Naples: Concerto for Violin, Rock Band and String Orchestra

Last night Mike Mills and Bobby McDuffie brought their merry band and rocking concerto to the SW corner of Florida for a date with the Naples Philharmonic Youth Orchestra who played Mike’s concerto as their final concert of the season. It was one of the best orchestras the guys have played with— really talented and … Continued